T065 - Present Tense - Simple and Progressive

Gap-fill exercise


Fill in the correct form of the present tense - simple or progressive.

  1. Could you be a bit more quiet ? - I the newspaper. (READ)
  2. coffee or tea in the morning ? (YOU DRINK).
  3. They a giant shopping centre near our home . (BUILD)
  4. Can you call later? I a shower (HAVE)
  5. I usually to work, but today I the car (WALK, TAKE)
  6. They rugby at school twice a week (PLAY)
  7. She always lunch at school (HAVE)
  8. Our teacher from Manchester, just like I do (COME).
  9. What ? - She's a shop assistant (SHE DO) ?
  10. Could you please repeat that. I the instructions (NOT UNDERSTAND)
  11. When we are in Paris we always by metro (TRAVEL)
  12. I with my boy friend at the moment (LIVE)
  13. You can't go in there. She well right now. (NOT FEEL)
  14. I sometimes about a nice villa near the lake. (DREAM)
  15. Our guide three languages (SPEAK)