T066 - Our neighbours - Tense exercise

Gap-fill exercise

Complete the conversation with the correct form of the verbs in brackets !

Officer these people before (YOU SEE) ?
John Yes, they're my neighbours. They upstairs (LIVE).
Officer How long there (THEY LIVE) ?
John I guess I them for six months (KNOW). They here last August (MOVE).
Officer When them last (YOU SEE) ?
John About a week ago. I think it was last Thursday.
Officer What when you them ? (THEY DO, SEE)
John Well, when I home they a big suitcase to the car (COME, CARRY).
Officer to them (YOU SPEAK) ?

I said (SAY) , "Hey, where ?" (YOU GO)

And they (REPLY), "On vacation".

Officer What time ? (THEY LEAVE)
John It was pretty late - around 11 at night I think.
Officer Can you remember what they (WEAR)?
John Let me think ....