T067 - Present Tense - Simple and Progressive

Gap-fill exercise

Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the present tense !

  1. The children out in the garden now (PLAY).
  2. She usually the newspaper in the morning . (READ)
  3. I my homework now. (DO)
  4. Jack his dinner at the moment (EAT).
  5. a pizza ? (YOU WANT)
  6. They to watch TV in the evenings (LIKE)
  7. Be quite ! The baby (SLEEP).
  8. He to his pen friend every month (WRITE).
  9. She football (NOT LIKE).
  10. The girls now. All of them a film (NOT TALK, WATCH)


  1. Tom usually coffee, but he tea now. (DRINK)
  2. We to the disco tonight (GO).
  3. He to work by bus every day (GO)
  4. What for a living (YOUR FATHER, DO) ?
  5. He up at 5 every day (GET)
  6. The boys always to school late (GO)
  7. Look ! Jane again. She often this song (SING)
  8. watching TV ? (YOU LIKE)
  9. I my grandparents every Friday, but this week I there (VISIT, NOT GO)
  10. Jane a party today because it is her birthday. (GIVE)