T071 - The Lost Passport - Past and Past Perfect Tenses

Gap-fill exercise

The Lost Passport

Complete the text by filling in the verbs in their correct form : Use Past Simple, Past Continuous and Past Perfect Simple

It (HAPPEN) last August at the airport. A few weeks before, a group of us (DECIDE) to go to Greece together for a holiday. We (WAIT) in the queue at passport control when suddenly I (REALIZE) that I (FORGET) my passport.

It (BE) quite a shock. I (HURRY) to a phone and (RING) my parents. They (WORK) in the garden, but luckily my mother (HEAR) the phone. They (FIND) the passport and immediately (DRIVE) to the airport with it.

I (MEET) them at the information desk. We (HAVE) no time to talk but I (SAY) goodbye to them earlier that morning. I (RUN) all the way to the plane. I was just in time. When I (GET) there, the passengers (SIT) in their seats ready for take-off. When they (SEE) me, everybody (START) clapping.