T075 - Present Tense - Simple and Continuous

Gap-fill exercise

Fill in the correct form of the Present Tense (Simple or Continuous) :

  1. The girls (NOT ARGUE) now. They (WATCH) a film together.
  2. Look ! Mary (SING) again. She often (SING) this song.
  3. My dad (HAVE) a lot of work to do every weekend.
  4. Please go to the supermarket and (BUY) me some food.
  5. Emma (SPEAK) English and French but her sister doesn't.
  6. He usually (LEAVE) home at 9.00 o'clock but today he (LEAVE) later.
  7. I (VISIT) my grandmother every Friday. My sister often (VISIT) her as well.
  8. She (WRITE) to her pen friend at the moment.
  9. They sometimes (HAVE) lunch at work, but today they (GO) to a restaurant.
  10. She can't talk to you. She (HAVE) a shower.


  1. Where (ALEX , NORMALLY, LIVE) ? - In France.
  2. Jane (GIVE) a party today because it (BE) her birthday.
  3. My mother always (COOK) in the morning.
  4. The lesson (START) at 9 every morning.
  5. What (YOU USUALLY DO) at the weekends ?
  6. After school I always (CHECK) my Facebook posts before I do my homework.
  7. Pay attention ! The teacher (WRITE) some examples on the blackboard.
  8. She never (SMOKE).
  9. He (LIKE) watching TV but he (NOT WATCH) at the moment because he is asleep.
  10. My brother can't play tennis because he (HAVE) a racket.