T076 - Present Perfect Simple and Continuous Tense

Gap-fill exercise

Fill in the correct form of the Present Perfect Tense (Simple or Continuous) :

  1. This traffic is terrible. We (DRIVE) all day, but we ( ONLY DO) 50 miles up to now.
  2. Is Jerry OK ? He (ONLY ANSWER) 4 questions but he (SIT) at the test for over an hour.
  3. I (TRY) to find a job for over 6 months and I (HAVE) over 20 job interviews, but nothing (COME) up yet.
  4. Billy is a great journalist. His newspaper (JUST OFFER) him an editing job.
  5. I (CALL) my friends all morning to tell them there won't be a party.
  6. You are full of dirt . - What on earth (YOU DO) ? - I am sorry. I (PLAY) football in the rain.
  7. Tom and Mary (GO) out with each other for two years now, but they still (NOT DECIDE) on marrying.
  8. Harry (LEARN) to drive since the end of March
  9. Barbara can't come with us. Her car (BREAK) down on the motorway.
  10. The students (WRITE) the exam for two hours now.