T079 - Past and Past Perfect Tense

Gap-fill exercise

Put in the correct forms: Past Tense or Past Perfect Tense !

  1. We left the town 7 years ago because my parents (FIND) better jobs.
  2. After we (MOVE) into our new house, we did not often go back.
  3. Dad (CAN NOT DRIVE) to work this morning because he had lost his keys.
  4. I met all my friends at Joe’s party because he (INVITE) so many people.
  5. After Cathy had read the email, she (FEEL) very worried.
  6. The train station was much bigger because they (BUILD) a new wing.
  7. I knew nothing about the movie because nobody (TELL) me about it.
  8. The cat (KILL) the mouse after she had played with it for some time.
  9. The bus arrived late today because there (BE) an accident on the way to school.
  10. The man jumped from the train before it (STOP)


  1. Chuck had left the house before I (CALL).
  2. Soon after we (GO) to bed we heard some strange noises.
  3. I (STAY) at home last night because Dad had promised to play chess with me.
  4. Sue felt much better after she (TELL) her mother everything.
  5. We (NOT KNOW) the boys because we had not seen them before.
  6. My stomach was making funny noises because I (NOT HAVE) enough for breakfast this morning.
  7. Mike (PASS) the driving test because he had practiced a lot for it.
  8. He (NEVER GO) out with a girl before so he was very nervous on his first date.
  9. Fred (GET) really mad because someone had broken his pen.
  10. The old house was still there but it (NOT CHANGE) very much.