T083 - Present Perfect Tense - Simple and Progressive

Gap-fill exercise

Fill in the correct tense: Present Perfect Simple or Progressive !

  1. I  (WORK) since 9 o'clock, but I  (NOT FINISH) yet.
  2. I  (NOT SEE) her for such a long time. She must  (MOVE) to another town.
  3. Susan  (HAVE) several cups of tea already.
  4. They  (PLAY) chess for five hours. Neither of them  (WIN).
  5. How long  ( YOU SIT) there watching TV ?
  6. What  ( YOU DO) since I saw you last time ?
  7. My neighbour  (TALK) for hours.
  8. She  (NEVER BE) in Africa.
  9. My dad  (SMOKE) for 15 years and he (TRY) to stop twice.
  10. She  (JUST RETURN) from her holidays in the mountains.
  11. She  (STAY) in Germany for years.
  12. (YOU BE) to the cinema this week ?
  13. I (CLEAN) my bike this afternoon . – It looks like new now.
  14. It (NOT RAIN) for the past two months.
  15. How long (YOU LIVE) in Austria ?
  16. Your hands are dirty ! – What (YOU DO) ? – I (WORK) in the garden all afternoon.
  17. They (BUILD) a new school in the rainforest of Brazil.
  18. My mum (HAVE) this job since last spring.