T084 - Holidays in Greece - Past Simple and Past Progressive Tense

Gap-fill exercise

Choose the correct tense : PAST SIMPLE or PAST PROGRESSIVE!

Last year I  (go) to Greece for my holidays. I  (decide) to fly because it is much quicker than going overland. On the morning I left London, it  (rain) but when I (step) off the plane in Greece it was a beautiful day. The sun  (shine) and a cool wind  (blow) from the sea.

I  (take) a taxi to my hotel. As I  (sign) the register, someone  (tap) me on the shoulder. I  (turn) around . It was a friend I hadn't seen for ten years. He  (stay)  at the same hotel.

That evening we  (go) for a walk. The town was still very busy. Street traders  (sell) souvenirs and the foreign tourists  (try)  to bring down the price with the aid of a Greek phrase book. We  (listen) to their chatter for a while, then  (return) to our hotel.