T087 - Present Perfect Tense - Simple Form

Gap-fill exercise

Fill in the simple form of the PRESENT PERFECT TENSE !

  1. Someone (EAT) my apple.
  2. Oh no ! I (BREAK) a window.
  3. My sister (START) a new job recently.
  4. You (NOT LEAVE) your homework on the bus. Here it is.
  5. I (WRITE) my English essay.
  6. We (ALREADY FINISH) our shopping.
  7. I (LOSE) all my money.
  8. John (NOT GO) to the supermarket. He’s still here.
  9. Your girlfriend (JUST PHONE).
  10. Mr and Mrs Jackson (NOT SEE) the new film yet.
  11. Peter (NEVER SEE) such a large dog,
  12. They (LIVE) here for a long time.
  13. He’s late. He (NOT ARRIVE) yet.
  14. (HE EVER BE) to Australia ?
  15. I (BUY) some new shows and a hat.