T089 - Lost in the Mountains

Gap-fill exercise

Lost in the Mountains

Two walkers are reported to gone missing near the summit of Snowdon, the highest peak in Wales. John Watkins , aged 21 and Melanie McBrian, 19, by nightfall, leading to fears that they forced to spend the night on the mountain
Weather conditions, when the pair off yesterday morning, were fairly good. By the afternoon , however, it had got much worse. Thick clouds quickly over the region and there was a sharp drop in temperature. The surface of the local lakes to freeze within a few hours. Blizzards began in the evening , with a great deal of snow above 500 metres.


Friends of the two walkers that they from either of them. They think their mobile phones unusable for some reason. Melanie’s friend Janet Richards believes Melanie her to say they were alright if her phone properly. Joe Hill , a friend of John’s , admits he they an accident last night, but insists they have a lot of experience walking in the mountains of Wales. They shelter if they to stay on the mountain during last night.
Mountain rescue teams, which began looking for the couple early this morning ,say that one or both of the walkers and fallen in bad weather conditions ,especially as neither of them walking in the mountains in winter.
The hope is, though, that they safe before long ,especially as the weather is forecast to clear up within the next few hours.