Choose the correct tense for each blank

An Emergency Landing

Last Friday Mary (BE) one of 225 passengers on a flight from London to Sofia. She (FEEL) very excited when she (GET) on the plane at Heathrow Airport. She (WAIT) a long time for this dayto come. She (FINALLY LEAVE) England to start working in the eastern European capital.

Mary was an experienced traveler . When she was younger, she (FLY) a lot. In those days her father (BE) a diplomat and every few years the whole family (HAVE TO) move to a different country.

Not long after the plane (TAKE ) off the captain (TELL) the passengers that they would have to return to Heathrow and for the first time Mary (START) to worry. A few minutes later she (SEE) the lights of the airport and (WONDER) why fire engines and ambulances (STAND) nearby. At that time, she (NOT KNOW) that the plane's front wheel (FALL) off during take-off.


Suddenly, Mary (FEEL) a strange bump and as the plane (COME) to a stop some passengers (CRY). Fortunately, the pilot (MAKE) a perfect landing and nobody (BE INJURED) . Mary was a little shaken but she still (HOPE) she would be able to catch the next flight to Sofia.