T134 - Present Perfect Progressive Tense

Complete the sentences with the present perfect progressive form of the verbs in brackets.

  1. My sister in the US for over a decade. (LIVE)
  2. My dad a Chevrolet for more than a year. (DRIVE)
  3. I to call you the whole morning. What all the time ? (TRY, YOU DO)
  4. We for you for over an hour. Where have you been ? (LOOK)
  5. I since I left high school. (SMOKE)
  6. My brother Margaret since last Christmas. (DATE)
  7. The doctors for three hours. They haven't come out of the emergency room yet. (OPERATE)
  8. The authorities on a new set of guidelines for ages. (WORK)
  9. My sister across the Midwest for three weeks. She'll be home next month. (TRAVEL)
  10. What the whole day? I up the garage. (YOU DO , CLEAN)
  11. Mom Chinese for two months. She can say a few sentences. (LEARN)
  12. We about buying a new flatscreen for our living room. (THINK)