MC006-Australia - A Land Down Under

Gap-fill exercise

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   apologized      cancer      climate      convicts      head      hole      immigrants      independent      indigenous      layer      outback      penal      population      settlers      unique   


Australia was one a British colony, where thousands of had to spend their time. They had to do heavy work like building roads. British systematically killed the Aborigines, Australia’s people. In 2008 Australia’s government to the Aboriginals for what they did to them.

Today Australia is but British influence can be seen almost everywhere. Its of state is still the Queen and it even has a British flag in its own. Most of Australia’s come from Asia and the Pacific region.

Australia is a country of many climate zones. The is hot and dry, so most of the country’s lives in the cities on the coast. There they enjoy beautiful beaches and a nice . Although Australian’s like to spend their free time outside, they must be careful. There is a giant in the ozone and people must protect themselves from getting skin .

Australia’s has a animal world that can be found nowhere else. Koalas and kangaroos are among some of the animals that you can only find “down under”.