MWC014 - The History of Transportation

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   achieved      appear      balloon      centuries      changed      cheaply      develop      development      flight      further      invented      managed      means      popular      rise      suddenly      tracks      travel   

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History of Transportation

The first humans dreamed of going faster and than they could on foot. They first this in Scandinavian countries using skis. The wheel was at around 3500 B.C., but carts were very slow without the appropriate roads. So, for many , the fastest and most popular of transport was the horse, which can run at about 50 kilometres an hour. This record was broken in the 18th century when the hot-air and the railway both began to .

Two Frenchmen, the Montgolfier brothers, had the idea of creating a large balloon. A fire heated the air, making the balloon . During the first flight, the two passengers were admiring the view when they saw smoke ! The balloon was burning , but luckily, they to put out the fire and land safely.


The first train with an engine that ran on was developed by Richard Trevithick in 1803. On his first trip with passengers the train fell off the tracks because they were not strong enough.

The bicycle did not until 1840 when a Scotsman , Kirkpatrick McMillan, created the first one to have pedals. People rode without them before but they were not very and rather slow.

The 20th century saw the of many other means of transportation. The petrol-driven car completely the way people thought about transportation, and so did the airplane. People have always dreamed of flying. One day in 1903 , two American brothers, Wilbur and Orville Wright, managed to make a short in their newly-designed aircraft. From that time on, a huge industry grew that allowed people to around the world, easily and .