MWC020 - Happiness - Missing Word Cloze

Gap-fill exercise

   advise      affects      care      deal      depends      exercise      fatigue      healthy      ingredients      lack      miserable      pleasure      support      trust      unlikely   

Read the text about what makes us happy. Fill in the blanks with words from the box.


What are the real for a happy life? Many people say that having enough money is the main reason for being happy. If you are having a bad time, you are to be happy, but when your basic needs are met, money isn't that important anymore.

Happiness  on appreciating the things you already have , instead of wanting more and more of them. It's true that money can buy you the latest smartphone, tablet or fashionable piece of clothing, but the that comes from buying these products is often short-lived. All of us remember the presents we received for Christmas or at birthday parties. We were all excited when opening them but a short time later we forgot about them or didn't seem to at all.

It seems that long-lasting happiness comes from abstract, imperceptible  things rather than materialistic  objects things like smartphones and fancy clothes. One of the main factors is how we with the people around us.  People who have a family and friends that them tend to be happier than others. We also like to feel protected and know that we can the people in our daily lives.

Another key contributor to happiness is leading a lifestyle. Poor health and laziness will make you feel . A healthy diet is crucial and so is regular . Working out for half an hour very day helps to reduce stress and also makes you feel better because it sets endorphins free  , chemicals that make us happy.

Getting enough sleep is also an important factor when talking about being happy.  Especially young people sleep and go to bed too late . This causes and gets you to a bad start the following day. Not getting enough sleep also your level of concentration  and puts you in a bad mood. Health experts us to get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep every day.