MWC028 - British Politics and Government - Missing Word Cloze

   appointed      cabinet      candidates      century      commons      constituency      divided      elected      election      govern      history      lords      majority      monarchy      parliament      state      treaty   

Choose the correct word for each blank. There are TWO words you will not need.

The United Kingdom is a parliamentary whose head of is the Queen. She represents the country but does not get involved in politics. Parliament is made up of the House of whose members are by the Queen and the House of whose members are by the people in general elections. They are the ones who make the laws. The Prime Minister and his or her are at the head of the government.

Members of parliament are elected every five years. The whole country is into voting areas . The candidate with the of votes in their represents it in parliament. There is no second round of counting, so the votes of the other are lost. One of the advantages of such a system is that it is much easier to the country.

Britain’s parliamentary system goes back to the 12th when King John had to give up power and sign a , the Magna Carta, which has become one of the most important documents of British .


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