MCC019-Cat Stevens

Gap-fill exercise


Cat Stevens was born on July 21, 1948 in London. He was very good at music and in his he became more and more interested in rock and roll. He began working in London nightclubs as a singer. One day a music manager asked him if he was interested in a recording for a company called "Decca".

His first album, "Matthew and Son" , was in 1967. It became very and sold well, especially among teenagers. However, Stevens soon began to feel unhappy about the songs he made. He wanted to songs for adults, but the company said that singing for teenagers was more successful. In 1968 Cat Stevens was for tuberculosis and had to stay in hospital for some time. After a break of two years Cat Stevens with a different music style.

In 1970, his new album "Tea for Tillerman" became an success and included hits such as Wild World and Father and Son. Critics wrote that he was an excellent singer. In the mid-1970s, however, his life started to change. After having almost Cat Stevens decided to to Islam. Today Cat Stevens calls himself Yusuf Islam. He is married and has four children. The singer lives in London , where he owns a school for Muslims. There he religious songs and writes poems for his pupils.