WF015- Special effects in movies

Gap-fill exercise

Use the words given in capital letters to form a  word that fits into the gap !


Special Effects in Movies

George Lukas' Star Wars transformed 20th century ENTERTAIN
and raised audience to alarming heights for film EXPECT
producers. Since Star Wars was made in 1977 special effects  
have become important in selling a film INCREASE
The script of Jurassic Park, for example, was rather DISAPPOINT
but the film was a box office success because the dinosaurs were  
realistic. However, special effects do not always AMAZING
guarantee success. , when Lost World came out,


the technology was far superior, but people had become tired  
of dinosaurs and were not motivated enough to want to SIMPLE
go and see them any more. The film was not as NEAR
as its predecessor. SUCCEED
But who is not when they see Jar Binks in The IMPRESS
Phantom Menace, the first ever 3D interactive character DIGIT
seen on film? Computer-generated are certainly the ACT
way ahead, but you may be surprised to discover that the  
most expensive special effect was filmed in 1956. The PART
of the Red Sea in Cecille DeMille's The Ten Commandments  
cost an £ 2 million. ASTONISH
But what does the future hold? It is to think that FASCINATE
with computer-generated images filmmakers may be able to  
deceased movie stars , such as James Dean and CREATE
Marilyn Monroe.