WF026 - What we get out of work - Word formation

Gap-fill exercise

Use the word in brackets to form a word that fits in the gap !

Many people , maybe even the (MAJOR) are not particularly happy in their job. They go to work and get paid. (EMPLOY) for them is just a way of paying the bills. This leads to (LAZY) at work and unhappy workers often don't show enough (POLITE) to customers or (KIND) to their fellow workers. Many workers feel that they have no chance of (PROMOTE) and they are unhappy with the (WORK) conditions.

If you want to get (ENJOY) from your work, make sure that involves doing an (ACTIVE) that you like. Ask yourself whether the job will have the same (ATTRACT) after five years. A (CARE) now can save you a lot of (HAPPY) in the future.