WF029 - Word Formation

Gap-fill exercise

Use the word at the end of the sentence to form a new word that fits into the blank !

  1. The made it clear that it wasn't his last book (NOVEL).
  2. We normally don't trust (POLITICS) .
  3. What kind of am I to take to cure my disease (MEDICINE).
  4. It was a big compared to his last match (IMPROVE).
  5. Everybody is worried about the of the rainforest (DESTROY)
  6. The police were told by their where to find the criminal (INFORM)
  7. He received many medals for his acts of during the war (HERO).
  8. This knife won't cut. It needs (SHARP).
  9. John turned up on the wrong day because of a (UNDERSTAND)
  10. She got very angry but later on apologised for her (PATIENT).


  1. People living in cities often suffer from (LONELY).
  2. My grandfather got a medal for his during the war (BRAVE).
  3. The book contains some very nice (ILLUSTRATE).
  4. Failure to apply in time may result in a of benefit (LOSE)
  5. Mary suddenly fell sick so we needed a immediately (REPLACE)
  6. Jackie had another with her boss. They always quarrel (AGREE).
  7. Bobby Charlton was a player who played in the 1960s (LEGEND).
  8. Ever since their house burned down they have been (HOME).
  9. He gave me a smile because he knew he had done something wrong (DEVIL)
  10. He turned out to be a very worker (USE).