WF030 - Word Formation Sentences

Gap-fill exercise

Use the word at the end of the sentence to form a new word that fits into the blank !

  1. Stephen King's new novel is really (REMARK).
  2. Why don't you go to the police . It's the most thing to do (REASON).
  3. The only for getting the job is being 18. (REQUIRE)
  4. Taxi drivers are often very people (TALK).
  5. Can you tell me if the disease is (INFECTION).
  6. Our team didn't lose because of their great footballers (DEFENSE).
  7. Please don't touch my hand. It's very where I got bruised (PAIN).
  8. It was very of you to send me a postcard (THOUGHT).
  9. You should be careful when using appliances (ELECTRIC).
  10. My flat consists of a very living room and a kitchen (SPACE).


  1. My car has back seats (REMOVE).
  2. Passengers must expect delays in departures and arrivals (LONG).
  3. Jean said that she had destroyed her ID card (ACCIDENT).
  4. I prefer fresh food to food (FREEZE).
  5. I've visited Greece for five years and I'm going there this year too (SUCCESS).
  6. You wouldn't like the movie. Its too for you (CHILD).
  7. Her soup tasted (HORROR).
  8. She doesn't know who her father is (BIOLOGY).
  9. There is no explanation for what we just saw (SCIENCE).
  10. There are many parks in the US, especially in California and Florida (AMUSE).