Adjectives - Word formation - WF070

Complete the sentences with the correct adjectives: use the words in capitals.

  1. He’s such a person. He forgets everything when he goes out . (CARE)
  2. There’s a pen mark on the sofa but it's not very . (NOTICE)
  3. He tried to paint his bedroom, but he wasn't very . (SUCCESS)
  4. Thomas is very . He usually saves his pocket money. (SENSE)
  5. Never use electronic gadgets near water ! – It’s really ! (DANGER)
  6. Sam’s room is . It’s a real mess. (HORROR)
  7. When I’m tired I sometimes feel cross and (MOOD).
  8. I think watching too much TV can be   for young children (HARM)
  9. I'll buy a second-hand computer game. They’re really . (AFFORD)
  10. I never watch thrillers late at night because they’re too . (SCARE)
  11. I have had very holidays this year. They were great. (ENJOY)
  12. He’ s a case. He simply won’t listen to you (HOPE)