WF073 - Word Formation Sentences

Use the word in brackets to form a new word that fits into the gap.

  1. The new zoo's main are the baby lions (ATTRACT).
  2. Passengers on planes must always fasten their belts (SAFE).
  3. The manager is that all players can be signed on. (HOPE)
  4. What's the between figure skating and speed skating? (DIFFERENT)
  5. She completed her current project and then got a new task to do.(SUCCEED)
  6. I love my new sofa. It's so . The older one was much more (COMFORTCOMFORT)
  7. She chose some modern colourful furniture to up her apartment. (BRIGHT)
  8. It's always very to drive at such a high speed. (DANGER)
  9. August is a such a month in our city because everyone is away on holidays. (PEACE)
  10. Nobody could find a to the problem. (SOLVE)
  11. Even though they had difficulties, they were happily married. (FINANCEHAPPY)
  12. I feel very today. I think I'll get myself some coffee. (SLEEP)