WF074 - Word Formation Sentences

Use the word in brackets to form a new word that fits into the gap.

  1. It’s no use taking such measures. They are all going to be (EFFECT)
  2. The problem is that there are  not enough  good teachers to educate our children (BASE)
  3. The parents - teachers association has planned a number of for the foreign students. (ACT)
  4. She was the only for the job . (APPLY)
  5. The plane is scheduled to fly to the Canary Islands nonstop. (DIRECT)
  6. He saw her in the crowd but suddenly she . (APPEAR)
  7. The government must come to a on whether to apply new taxes as soon as possible. (DECIDE)
  8. He bought a gas for his camping trips a few years ago (COOK)
  9. He has the to play in every position, so he’s a very  valuable player. (ABLE)
  10. He is very that his team will win the World Cup. (CONFIDENCE)
  11. Don’t be such so . When are you going to start behaving like an adult? (CHILD)