WF077 - Word Formation Sentences

Complete the sentences with the correct forms of the words in brackets.


  1. The army captain said that he would not tolerate in his unit. (OBEY)
  2. The company said that they would not pay for the damage. (INSURE)
  3. Green card must be prepared for an extensive interview. (APPLY)
  4. Last summer brought about temperatures - at least 30° C every day. (BEAR)
  5. My sister has made improvements in her knowledge of physics. (NOTICE)
  6. The illness that he was suffering from proved to be . (CURE)
  7. Even though she is at cooking, she like to read books . (HOPE, COOK)
  8. When they came home there was an surprise waiting for them. (PLEASANT)
  9. Everyone noticed that he was lacking when he spoke. (CONFIDENT)
  10. Even though he was only 17, he behaved very . (SENSE)
  11. Janet has skills that makes her something special. (REMARK)
  12. The team's was totally . They conceded 3 goals in only 10 minutes. (PERFORM, ACCEPT)