WF078 - Word Formation Sentences

Complete the sentences with the correct forms of the words in brackets.


  1. Unless you your passport, you won't be able to travel abroad. (NEW)
  2. If you have difficulties you should consult a doctor. (BREATH)
  3. Many mountain climbers suffer from altitude when they travel to Nepal. (SICK)
  4. He experienced some while he was in the examination room. (COMFORT)
  5. We were told to hand in our by the end of the week. (ASSIGN)
  6. My teacher me to study languages. (COURAGE)
  7. The investigator showed me a photo but the people on it were . (RECOGNIZE)
  8. She is very . First she slipped and broke her ankle, then she had an accident with her car. Poor Mary !(LUCK)
  9. The protects us from the virus. (VACCINE, HARM)
  10. numbers show that the newspaper is extremely popular among elderly women. (CIRCULATE)
  11. Our neighbour noticed a in our backyard so he called the police. (SUSPICION, MOVE)
  12. The WWF publishes a list of species regularly. (DANGER)