WF079 - Word Formation Sentences

Complete the sentences with the correct forms of the words in brackets.


  1. It took her several months to the death of her husband. (COME)
  2. Finland leads the world in coffee . (CONSUME)
  3. damage was done to the buildings near the seaside. (EXTEND)
  4. The police closed the because they had no further leads. (INVESTIGATE)
  5. As a teacher, she is not used to her voice when she speaks to someone. (LOW)
  6. It was a show that the band showed us on stage. (SENSATION)
  7. courses for first year students begin on Monday. (PREPARE)
  8. I experienced a feeling of after I had come home from the hospital. (WEAK)
  9. The company produces cars, but they all have a big price tag. (STYLE)
  10. The students are very during lessons, because they want to be well-prepared for the next test. (ATTEND)
  11. In to last month, this month is really mild. (COMPARE)
  12. The boys asked for to leave the table. (PERMIT)