WF080 - Word formation Sentences

Complete the sentences with the correct forms of the words in brackets.


  1. There is a car company at almost every airport. (RENT)
  2. My mother suffers from weak . (EYE)
  3. The doctor explained that could during surgery. (COMPLICATE, RISE)
  4. Hurricanes are storms that can reach speeds of over 200 km an hour. (DESTROY)
  5. It took a lot of to get him to do the right thing. (PERSUADE)
  6. Bats are during the daytime and fly around at night. (ACT)
  7. The minister was by a more loyal member of the party. (PLACE)
  8. Jake was to from whom he received the information. (HESITATE, CLOSE)
  9. The teacher wasn't during the examination. (OBJECT)
  10. We raised a amount of money for the project. (CONSIDER)
  11. The of rainfall increases the nearer you get to the mountains. (INTENSE)
  12. Civilians suffered many during the war. (HARD)