WF081 Word Formation Sentences

Complete the sentences with the correct forms of the words in brackets.


  1. believe saving the world is an easy task. (ENVIRONMENT)
  2. Microsoft made several to the new operating system before they released it. (IMPROVE)
  3. She missed her flight to Berlin and had to spend an extra four hours at the airport. (CONNECT)
  4. All the were told to show up 15 minutes before their interview began. (INTERVIEW)
  5. She met all the demanded, so she got the job. (REQUIRE)
  6. It is not for school balls to take place at the beginning of the term. (COMMON)
  7. The animals were released from after three months . (CAPTIVE)
  8. The government set up an program to curb smoking. (AMBITION)
  9. The director gave me a because I had been extremely in the previous months. (PROMOTE, PRODUCE)
  10. to radiation can lead to cancer in the long term. (EXPOSE)
  11. Safety at underground and train stations have been heightened because of the bomb threats. (REGULATE)
  12. Up to now, press conferences have failed to make the public aware of the problem. (NUMBER)