Article - Postcrossing


A popular hobby magazine for young people wants to find out what young people think about an online service called Postcrossing. For this reason it has organized an article writing competition. The winner receives a trip to Paris. You have decided to send in an article.

What is Postcrossing ?

Postcrossing is the hobby of sending and receiving real postcards (not electronic ones) around the world by registering with a website.

  • Every time you send a postcard, you receive one back.
  • Register your address and we’ll forward it to someone on our lists.
  • Receive something interesting in your mail.
  • Learn about other places in the world.
  • The more you send, the more you receive!




You should

  • give reasons for taking up the hobby of postcrossing
  • discuss the effects of taking up postcrossing on the person who does it
  • speculate on how popular a trend it might become

Give your article a title .Write about 250 words !